Monday, September 10, 2012

Off Topic: 2nd Annual LUXE Cowgirl Yoga Retreat!!

I barely slept at all last night due to the fact that I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn (3:45am) to get ready to leave at 4:15 for my 6AM flight to Bozeman, Montana!! I'm going back for a second round of Cowgirl Yoga!! However, I got a really great deal on a flight but the problem is that they only fly in/out of Oakland/Bozeman on Monday mornings. So, I'm here for 8 days!! The longest I've ever been away by myself.

I wasn't supposed to check in until 3, but I took a chance and called Fox Hollow B&B to see if maybe I could come early since I was super exhausted and needed to sleep. They said, sure, we are all ready for 10:00AM!! Bonus!! So much for having to keep busy all day until 3! :) I met the owners, Nancy & Mike, and they were very, very friendly. I settled in, went out to look for food (Taco Johns) and of course, went straight to Murdoch's for a little look around. Saw some cute stuff; maybe I'll go back tomorrow? After I ate (God, I was starving!!),  I went back to the B&B and took a nice, long, 2 hour nap!! I was dead to the world!!

Starving again, I went out to dinner by myself (Eek!!) at Johnny Carino's Italian place. It was pretty good. I had a nice salad and the Italian Pot Roast that the cute waiter recommended. :) Went to Target to grab a bottle of wine and a few toiletries that I forgot to bring, went back to the B&B, had a glass of wine with Nancy & Mike, went up to read for a bit and early to bed I went!

BTW, the bed in the Garden Room is soooooo comfy!!!! :)

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