Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 3, Bozeman/Pray/Chico Montana

I was the only guest at Fox Hollow last night, so I had to eat my breakfast all alone. Nancy made me a fruit "cocktail" with strawberry yogurt, a ham & cheese "roulette", & wheat toast w/homemade preserves of various berries. It was really good, but soooo filling!! After breakfast I went upstairs to finish packing up my stuff and just wanted to chill for a little bit until I had to check out.

Off to Pray, MT!! I got on the road and headed for Chico Hot Springs, but first I wanted to check out Livingston. Particularly, I wanted to go to Spurline and check out the Murray Hotel since thats where I stayed last time. I really needed to pee and also wanted to stop for wine, but I just couldn't find anyplace convenient. Its such a tiny town. So, I drove ALL THE WAY back to Bozeman to Target to grab a bottle of wine. Then I headed back down to Pray again...and when I got to the exit, I was so pissed to discover there was an Albertsons right there!! Ugh!! Oh, well, I had time to kill anyway.

Gorgeous drive to Pray!!!! Loved every minute of it! Chico Hot Springs was a trip. They put me in the (literally) Fishermans Lodge. So gross. I was a little (ok, alot!) freaked out at first. My room was connected to a couple of geezer, salty dog fishermen. But I decided to go ahead and check out the hot springs (a creepy experience!!) and go for a hike to Trout Pond (all uphill!!), and I got acclimated. I realized I loved the "resort", but I was just in a really bad room. I went out to dinner at their dining room. My waiter, Mike, was awesome. I was amazed at how awesome the service was there! It was like 5 star quality!! I had a prawn cocktail and a Thai inspired pork chop. The pork chop was a little under done for my taste, but it was very good, nonetheless. The place was so packed with all of these big parties of 4 or more and I felt kind of lonely! :( I would actually love to come back to Chico Hot Springs - with my family, or at least a girlfriend - and stay in one of the amazingly gorgeous cabins that are scattered all over the property. And it is pet friendly!!! Oh, how I miss my dog Madison and my cats Celeste, Carly, Cinnamon, & Cleo!!!! And yes, I desperately miss my husband and daughters.

Well, tomorrow I am finally headed to the Double T River Ranch and COWGIRL YOGA!!! I am so excited!!! I cannot wait to see Margaret, Kate, Janice, Ron, and the other 3 returning alumna from my retreat last year, Sarah, Danielle, & Tracy!! I just really miss my roommates, Lynnette & Lori, from last year!! :( But I am sure I will meet a lot of new amazing women.

YeeHaw & Namaste!!

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  1. Hey Shelley(CaliGirl)! I would have loved to have joined you on this trip. It sounds so fun! I've always wanted to stay in a B&B but my hubby would be so hard to persuade. Sometimes a good girlfriend get away is needed. BUT all my girlfriends have small kids or hubby's who would freakout! Look me up next trip!