Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 4, Clyde Park, MT - Cowgirl Yoga!!

And today is the day that I am I actually here for to begin with!! I checked out of Chico Hot Springs, stopped at Albertsons for some rations, and headed up to Bozeman to do a little last minute shopping. I needed a few things, such as brown tights, an ivory camisole, and a brown sweater. Yep, needed them. So, I went to The Root and found everything I needed. Also grabbed a burrito from Taco Johns (hey, when in Rome....), and got a little bit of gas, just in case.

The drive to Clyde Park is my favorite. So beautiful!! I was so excited when I finally got here. I felt safe and "at home", finally! I met my housemate, Lynn, and she is really sweet. From DC. Her first time. I got unpacked and took a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath to de-stress and get in the calm frame of mind that I so desperately needed. All dressed for yoga, I went outside to see if Lynn wanted to walk over to the river with me. We ran into Sarah, Danielle, and Tracy from last year, and a new girl named Laurie. (love her, btw!) Said hello and hugged, got caught up, etc. Walked over to the horses and saw Janice!! God, I love Janice!! So great to be back here!!

We had a wonderful yoga session for about an hour-ish, then had light appetizers & wine and headed down to the stables to have a little overview with Janice. Dinner was caprese salad, chicken Picatta, risotto, & asparagus. Very delicious. Kate is awesome. After dinner, we had a little orientation upstairs in the yoga studio and then we were back in our rooms by around 9.

I am soooo spoiled! I have the BEST room of all. I'm in the Master Suite of the Ranch House. I have my own bathroom and I have a TV! :) I haven't had a TV this whole time!!! I even got to catch part of The Real Housewives of Miami premiere tonight! ;) But, its not about TV and I know I won't have much time to watch anyway. Thats fine with me. I am here for the yoga and the horses!!

OK, well, gotta get up for breakfast at 8, yoga at 9, horseback riding at around 12. Its gonna be a very busy, but fun next few days! So excited! But I'm also really, really homesick!!!! :( As much as I am happy to be here, I cannot wait to go home and be with my family!!! I miss my husband so much!! I miss my daughters!!! I miss my baby, Madison, and my kitties. But, ya know, its good for all of us. :)

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