Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last full day at Cowgirl Yoga

Went to breakfast around 8:30, but I barely ate anything. Kate made scrambled eggs, but they had feta in them, so I only had one bite and couldn't eat anymore. I know, I'm weird, I don't like feta. I also had a piece of bacon and a small spelt pancake. Still not having much of an appetite.

We had a lovely trail ride today and even let the horses drink from the river and splash around. I rode Picasso today. Loved him. I got to use one hand on the reign today, instead of two. It was so much more comfortable for me.

I wasn't hungry at lunch, either, but I ate a little bit of some delicious tomato soup and a bit of quinoa & brown rice that had some avocado in it. Good. Just wish I had room for more.

Today is the last dinner and we are encouraged to dress up, especially since they have the photographer here. I was going to do the pictures, but at least half of the group isn't doing it, so I'm thinking I'll blow it off, too. I didn't know about the $90 fee. I love my pics from last year, so I think I'll just stick with those. That way, too, I don't have to rush to be out there so early. I think they are starting now. I'm gonna just show up for dinner at 7:00, so I have a couple of hours to veg out for once! :) Oh, and btw, I'm finally feeling really hungry now! Unfortunately, its Moroccan night and I don't really like lamb or any Mediterranean food very much. Of course, I will try everything, and who knows, maybe I'll like it.

.....Dinner was great, but of course, I was starving and I was last in line and I got the last of every dish!! lol I had some delicious Moroccan soup, zucchini "pancakes", eggplant, tzatziki, olives,  & cous cous. I got just a teeny bit of each, but even though I "thought" I was starving (finally!!), it was plenty!!!!

Not sure if I'm going to be doing the yoga session or horse riding tomorrow before I leave. I feel like I just might blow one off. Yoga is at 8:15, then brunch, then a short horse ride, then I leave the Double T River Ranch......until next year......?

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