Friday, September 14, 2012

First Full Day of Cowgirl Yoga

I am so exxxxaaaauuuusssstttteeeedddd!!!! But in a good way! I got up at about 7:30 to get ready for breakfast. I was early, much to my dismay, because I could have been sleeping in longer!!! Thats ok because after I ate, I just went back to my room to chill a bit before yoga. Breakfast was awesome. I did not partake in Kates chocolate scones, but you should've heard the oooohs and ahhhhs! lol I had some of her scrambled eggs with basil, crushed red pepper, salt & pepper. So simple and delish. I also had some peppered bacon and a bit of berrie smoothie.

I swear, I am so confused as to how my days have just blended together!! I've only been here for like 32 hours, but so much has gone on that I can't keep track! Its just go go go but this year, we have had a bit more "down" time than I can recall from before. Which I am totally grateful for!

I was a bit worried about this mornings yoga sessions because I knew from previous experience that it was going to be a looooong one!! However, those chaturangas were tough! My arms are killing me right now! It was, of course, another amazing practice and it felt great. But then it was lunch time and I was like "I am soooo not hungry! How can I think of food?" But I knew that dinner wouldn't be for several hours and I had a long afternoon ahead of being on the horses, so I ate. Kate (she's the chef here, in case I didn't previously specify!) made some turkey sandwiches and hummus sandwiches, along with some carrot ginger soup, and a green salad w/raspberries and a balsamic vinaigrette. I "foraged". The soup was so, so good, but I could only eat a few spoonfuls. I am not sure why I have no appetite here this year. I can remember being ravenous last year!

I was paired up with the cutest young lady, Jenny, for horseback riding 101. She loves all animals, but had never been on a horse before. She was so calm. I was admiring her yoga abilities in yoga this morning and I was happy to get a chance to get to know her a little bit. And can I just say, in a non homosexual way, she has a really nice butt!! ;) I'm just a little envious since I have no ass. We rode Tango, my baby boy!!! He was the first horse that I encountered last year and the first one that I rode. I love my Tango boy!! It was fun being an alumni leading the newbies. There are five of us alumni!! So cool to see Tracy, Sarah, & Danielle again!! Missing Lori & Lynnette from last year. :(

As you can see, its been a very long day. So, time to summarize.

Dinner was garlic & herb encrusted beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction sauce, "smashed" potatoes, roasted beets, and Swiss chard. It was really delicious, but again, I just did not have an appetite!! But I don't care, I just love the whole subject of food. Period.

Sat in the hot tub with Kate, Casey, & Jessica (chef, her assistant, & Janices daughter/horse wrangler). In bed. Tired. Another big day---the biggest---tomorrow!

Goodnight! YeeHaw & Namaste!

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