Monday, April 30, 2007

The Yankee Pier

This is one of Bradley Ogden's places. Its right next door to the Lark Creek Inn, which I think we need to check out again one of these days. Anyway, we were greeted and seated right away. Our server approached us in a timely manner, we ordered wine and fried calamari to start. The calimari was fine. Nothing to write home about, but one thing that I noticed about this place before is their portions are very small. It was served with cocktail sauce and a spicy remoulade sauce.

The Husband ordered a bleu cheese wedge and I ordered 4 grilled prawns for his salad. Wasn't that nice of me? The prawns were delicious, and of course, I've never had a wedge I didn't like. The dressing was on the mild side, though. I had a difficult time deciding on my entree, but I ended up with the Cioppino. Big mistake. For many reasons. The flavor was fine, but kind of mild. It didn't have the "kick" it usually has. I did not enjoy having to work so hard for my dinner...cracking the crab legs and picking it out was kind of disgusting, but at least my family found it hilarious! Unfortunately, by the time I was done picking everything out of their shells, the cioppino was cold and everyone else was done eating. I guess it was a good way to get me to eat slower! :)

The kids had pasta with butter and parmesan. Nothing new there! Again, not sure how I ended up with kids who won't even try fish and chips! Whats not to like? I almost ordered it!

I forgot to ask The Husband if his dish was any good. Can you put a comment here about that? Thanks! xoxo

We all did something we don't usually do. We ordered dessert. The kids had the kid sundae, which was vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whip cream. To Bella's dismay, no cherry on top. Not even for the shirley temples! She got sprite with strawberry syrup instead. The Husband got a chocolate shake with whip cream on top and he said it was just ok. Kind of weak. I had the Black and Tan Sundae. It was also vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whip cream, but it had a drizzle of carmel and some slivered almonds. It was good and the portion was so big I couldn't finish it.

The service was excellent. I didn't catch her name, but she attentive enough and everything came out on time, etc., including the check, which is one of my pet peeves. When I'm done, I want my check and I want out of there. Why most servers don't get this, is beyond me.

I didn't get to steal a bread plate, but I did write down the name of the manufacturer! We were right up front, so there was just no way I was gonna swing it. They are so cute, though. The have a little lobster with a fishing pole..adorable.

There you have it. The Yankee Pier gets a pretty decent review. A little more saffron in the cioppino would be my only suggestion, that and larger portions. I won't be ordering cioppino anytime soon---from anywhere! Too much work and too messy!!

I am behind on my reviews. I need to do Ricky's, and what else? The Husband? Can you remember? There are about 4....Maria Manso, Star...and one more.....?