Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sam's Roadhouse

Sam's RoadHouse is right down the street and I've always wanted to try it. It used to the German House and we never did check that place out. This place was awesome! They just installed new cherry pergo flooring and it really complimented the red booths. We walked in to an empty diner, but were greeted immediately by Shelley! :)
The menu was pretty basic with some good surprises tossed in. I had a house salad, which was served with mixed greens, red onion rings, tomato, cucumber, and bleu cheese dressing. It was delish.
My entree was a hot pastrami sandwich served on light rye bread with swiss cheese, a generous portion of pastrami, pickles, mayo, and much to my surprise, avocado! It really wasn't the best pastrami sandwich, but I think the main problem was that the pastrami was kind of dry and a bit tough/fatty. I had my choice of side salad, potato salad or fries, and I chose the fries. They were a little greasy, but they were good. The service really couldn't have been friendlier or better, honestly. We weren't completely blown away by the food, but I think I just ordered badly. We've already decided that we will come back and give dinner a try.