Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Crimbo!

lol...."Crimbo" is a totally new word for me and I love saying it! It would appear that my friends in the UK frequently use this word in loo (pun intended) of Christmas and that is how I heard of it. My husband and I are using the word "crimbo" left and right! Our dogs new nickname, for instance, is Crimbo!!! Its driving the kids crazy, they hate it!

This Crimbo, Santa gave to me:
  • Jo Malone Perfume Sampler :) & Jo Malone Nectarine Honey Blossom Perfume (Yay!!!)
  • Kate Spade Mint Julep Cocktail Ring (lovelovelovelove)
  • Turquoise & Bead Earrings, Bracelets, & Slippers from the Kids :)
  • Neon (pale) Orange Denim Jeans from JCrew :)
  • Orange Mohair/Wool/Lambswool Sweater from JCrew :)
  • Orange & White striped Shirt from JCrew :)
  • Orange Eyelet Skirt w/Beige Organza lining from Anthropologie :)
  • Lime Green Top with Flower cut-outs from Anthropologie (has a snag; exchange)
  • Emerald Green Knit Dress from Anthropologie (lovelovelovelove)
  • White w/Black Trim Ellie Tahari Sleeveless Blouse (lovelovelove)
  • Espresso & Cream striped Sweater from Nordstrom :)
  • Pink Kitty Cat Pajamas :)

I cooked all friggin day today!! As soon as the presents were all opened and put away, I started on the gr. beef/sausage for the lasagne. I made the sauce yesterday (it turned out really good), so today I assembled the lasagne for tomorrow's "S-----" Family Christmas" which is at our house this year, plus I did the garlic/cheese bread, & artichoke/jalapeno dip. All I have to do tomorrow (today) is put everything in the oven. Oh, yea, that....and CLEAN HOUSE!!! UGH!!! As if I've done nothing BUT!! Oh, Tuesday, where art thou? Ok, yes, I've had some champagne. So, shoot me. I deserve it. Its been a crazy/hectic/stressful holiday season and I'm DONE!! Having said that, I did have a really wonderful Crimbo and I'm truly blessed, grateful, thankful, etc!! My girls are amazing and they loved their gifts and were really helpful to me today! My husband was a rock star today and I'm so appreciative of all the things he helped me with and I love all the gifts he showered me with! I'm so lucky. I don't even think I deserve half of it.

I had a chance to talk to my dad, my brother, & my "surrogate" mother, "C" tonight. I've sent & received many text messages from friends/family tonight. Things are good. <3 Tomorrow is Christmas #2.....Sigh. Wake me up when its over!!

Merry Crimbo!

PS Our Jacuzzi had a almost 1 inch thick layer of ice across the perimeter of it this morning!! So cool!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Do Love Me a Cheese Platter!!

Say "Cheese"! Bleu cheese, Gruyere, Proscuitto, White Cheddar, Chianti Salami, Garlic Marinated Mushrooms, Pappadew Piquante Sweet Peppers, & Green Olives.