Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last full day at Cowgirl Yoga

Went to breakfast around 8:30, but I barely ate anything. Kate made scrambled eggs, but they had feta in them, so I only had one bite and couldn't eat anymore. I know, I'm weird, I don't like feta. I also had a piece of bacon and a small spelt pancake. Still not having much of an appetite.

We had a lovely trail ride today and even let the horses drink from the river and splash around. I rode Picasso today. Loved him. I got to use one hand on the reign today, instead of two. It was so much more comfortable for me.

I wasn't hungry at lunch, either, but I ate a little bit of some delicious tomato soup and a bit of quinoa & brown rice that had some avocado in it. Good. Just wish I had room for more.

Today is the last dinner and we are encouraged to dress up, especially since they have the photographer here. I was going to do the pictures, but at least half of the group isn't doing it, so I'm thinking I'll blow it off, too. I didn't know about the $90 fee. I love my pics from last year, so I think I'll just stick with those. That way, too, I don't have to rush to be out there so early. I think they are starting now. I'm gonna just show up for dinner at 7:00, so I have a couple of hours to veg out for once! :) Oh, and btw, I'm finally feeling really hungry now! Unfortunately, its Moroccan night and I don't really like lamb or any Mediterranean food very much. Of course, I will try everything, and who knows, maybe I'll like it.

.....Dinner was great, but of course, I was starving and I was last in line and I got the last of every dish!! lol I had some delicious Moroccan soup, zucchini "pancakes", eggplant, tzatziki, olives,  & cous cous. I got just a teeny bit of each, but even though I "thought" I was starving (finally!!), it was plenty!!!!

Not sure if I'm going to be doing the yoga session or horse riding tomorrow before I leave. I feel like I just might blow one off. Yoga is at 8:15, then brunch, then a short horse ride, then I leave the Double T River Ranch......until next year......?

Friday, September 14, 2012

First Full Day of Cowgirl Yoga

I am so exxxxaaaauuuusssstttteeeedddd!!!! But in a good way! I got up at about 7:30 to get ready for breakfast. I was early, much to my dismay, because I could have been sleeping in longer!!! Thats ok because after I ate, I just went back to my room to chill a bit before yoga. Breakfast was awesome. I did not partake in Kates chocolate scones, but you should've heard the oooohs and ahhhhs! lol I had some of her scrambled eggs with basil, crushed red pepper, salt & pepper. So simple and delish. I also had some peppered bacon and a bit of berrie smoothie.

I swear, I am so confused as to how my days have just blended together!! I've only been here for like 32 hours, but so much has gone on that I can't keep track! Its just go go go but this year, we have had a bit more "down" time than I can recall from before. Which I am totally grateful for!

I was a bit worried about this mornings yoga sessions because I knew from previous experience that it was going to be a looooong one!! However, those chaturangas were tough! My arms are killing me right now! It was, of course, another amazing practice and it felt great. But then it was lunch time and I was like "I am soooo not hungry! How can I think of food?" But I knew that dinner wouldn't be for several hours and I had a long afternoon ahead of being on the horses, so I ate. Kate (she's the chef here, in case I didn't previously specify!) made some turkey sandwiches and hummus sandwiches, along with some carrot ginger soup, and a green salad w/raspberries and a balsamic vinaigrette. I "foraged". The soup was so, so good, but I could only eat a few spoonfuls. I am not sure why I have no appetite here this year. I can remember being ravenous last year!

I was paired up with the cutest young lady, Jenny, for horseback riding 101. She loves all animals, but had never been on a horse before. She was so calm. I was admiring her yoga abilities in yoga this morning and I was happy to get a chance to get to know her a little bit. And can I just say, in a non homosexual way, she has a really nice butt!! ;) I'm just a little envious since I have no ass. We rode Tango, my baby boy!!! He was the first horse that I encountered last year and the first one that I rode. I love my Tango boy!! It was fun being an alumni leading the newbies. There are five of us alumni!! So cool to see Tracy, Sarah, & Danielle again!! Missing Lori & Lynnette from last year. :(

As you can see, its been a very long day. So, time to summarize.

Dinner was garlic & herb encrusted beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction sauce, "smashed" potatoes, roasted beets, and Swiss chard. It was really delicious, but again, I just did not have an appetite!! But I don't care, I just love the whole subject of food. Period.

Sat in the hot tub with Kate, Casey, & Jessica (chef, her assistant, & Janices daughter/horse wrangler). In bed. Tired. Another big day---the biggest---tomorrow!

Goodnight! YeeHaw & Namaste!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 4, Clyde Park, MT - Cowgirl Yoga!!

And today is the day that I am I actually here for to begin with!! I checked out of Chico Hot Springs, stopped at Albertsons for some rations, and headed up to Bozeman to do a little last minute shopping. I needed a few things, such as brown tights, an ivory camisole, and a brown sweater. Yep, needed them. So, I went to The Root and found everything I needed. Also grabbed a burrito from Taco Johns (hey, when in Rome....), and got a little bit of gas, just in case.

The drive to Clyde Park is my favorite. So beautiful!! I was so excited when I finally got here. I felt safe and "at home", finally! I met my housemate, Lynn, and she is really sweet. From DC. Her first time. I got unpacked and took a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath to de-stress and get in the calm frame of mind that I so desperately needed. All dressed for yoga, I went outside to see if Lynn wanted to walk over to the river with me. We ran into Sarah, Danielle, and Tracy from last year, and a new girl named Laurie. (love her, btw!) Said hello and hugged, got caught up, etc. Walked over to the horses and saw Janice!! God, I love Janice!! So great to be back here!!

We had a wonderful yoga session for about an hour-ish, then had light appetizers & wine and headed down to the stables to have a little overview with Janice. Dinner was caprese salad, chicken Picatta, risotto, & asparagus. Very delicious. Kate is awesome. After dinner, we had a little orientation upstairs in the yoga studio and then we were back in our rooms by around 9.

I am soooo spoiled! I have the BEST room of all. I'm in the Master Suite of the Ranch House. I have my own bathroom and I have a TV! :) I haven't had a TV this whole time!!! I even got to catch part of The Real Housewives of Miami premiere tonight! ;) But, its not about TV and I know I won't have much time to watch anyway. Thats fine with me. I am here for the yoga and the horses!!

OK, well, gotta get up for breakfast at 8, yoga at 9, horseback riding at around 12. Its gonna be a very busy, but fun next few days! So excited! But I'm also really, really homesick!!!! :( As much as I am happy to be here, I cannot wait to go home and be with my family!!! I miss my husband so much!! I miss my daughters!!! I miss my baby, Madison, and my kitties. But, ya know, its good for all of us. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 3, Bozeman/Pray/Chico Montana

I was the only guest at Fox Hollow last night, so I had to eat my breakfast all alone. Nancy made me a fruit "cocktail" with strawberry yogurt, a ham & cheese "roulette", & wheat toast w/homemade preserves of various berries. It was really good, but soooo filling!! After breakfast I went upstairs to finish packing up my stuff and just wanted to chill for a little bit until I had to check out.

Off to Pray, MT!! I got on the road and headed for Chico Hot Springs, but first I wanted to check out Livingston. Particularly, I wanted to go to Spurline and check out the Murray Hotel since thats where I stayed last time. I really needed to pee and also wanted to stop for wine, but I just couldn't find anyplace convenient. Its such a tiny town. So, I drove ALL THE WAY back to Bozeman to Target to grab a bottle of wine. Then I headed back down to Pray again...and when I got to the exit, I was so pissed to discover there was an Albertsons right there!! Ugh!! Oh, well, I had time to kill anyway.

Gorgeous drive to Pray!!!! Loved every minute of it! Chico Hot Springs was a trip. They put me in the (literally) Fishermans Lodge. So gross. I was a little (ok, alot!) freaked out at first. My room was connected to a couple of geezer, salty dog fishermen. But I decided to go ahead and check out the hot springs (a creepy experience!!) and go for a hike to Trout Pond (all uphill!!), and I got acclimated. I realized I loved the "resort", but I was just in a really bad room. I went out to dinner at their dining room. My waiter, Mike, was awesome. I was amazed at how awesome the service was there! It was like 5 star quality!! I had a prawn cocktail and a Thai inspired pork chop. The pork chop was a little under done for my taste, but it was very good, nonetheless. The place was so packed with all of these big parties of 4 or more and I felt kind of lonely! :( I would actually love to come back to Chico Hot Springs - with my family, or at least a girlfriend - and stay in one of the amazingly gorgeous cabins that are scattered all over the property. And it is pet friendly!!! Oh, how I miss my dog Madison and my cats Celeste, Carly, Cinnamon, & Cleo!!!! And yes, I desperately miss my husband and daughters.

Well, tomorrow I am finally headed to the Double T River Ranch and COWGIRL YOGA!!! I am so excited!!! I cannot wait to see Margaret, Kate, Janice, Ron, and the other 3 returning alumna from my retreat last year, Sarah, Danielle, & Tracy!! I just really miss my roommates, Lynnette & Lori, from last year!! :( But I am sure I will meet a lot of new amazing women.

YeeHaw & Namaste!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 2, Bozeman, MT

I slept really deep. So deep that I had some bizarre dreams. Went down to breakfast at 8:30. So different for me to eat breakfast! I had a delicious cup of coffee and then sat down to a beautifully set table. Joining me was an older couple, Mike & Esther, from Santa Barbara. Nancy started our meal off with a chilled peach soup drizzled with honey. I really don't have a sweet tooth, but I ate it politely. She also made a puffed pancake (?) with an orange glaze and fresh fruit with more honey on top. Super sweet, but good. I told her I am not usually a fruit person, but if you put it in front of me, I'll eat it. There was also 2 strips of peppered bacon. A really nice start to my day! In fact, it was so nice, that I went upstairs with the intention of going for a 3 or 4 mile run, but ended up falling back asleep for 2 hours!!!! LOL

Feeling refreshed - finally! - I headed to downtown Bozeman to stroll along N. Main Street to A) shop a bit and B) get some steps in on my FitBit. I was soooooo full from breakfast that the farthest thing from my mind was eating lunch! I needed to burn it off!!! I went to The Root, a favorite boutique from my previous visit last year, and I tried on a bunch of cute clothes, only to settle on a pair of tan cords & an ivory blouse. Cute outfit; might wear it to dinner this weekend at CY....? I have the cutest horse bit necklace that would look really pretty, but I needed earrings to match, so thankfully, I found an adorable pair of dangling "tools" at Cosmica, a few doors down.

I left downtown and headed to Murdoch's to see if I really wanted those things I saw yesterday. And yes, I sure did! I tried on a really cute brown & orange plaid shirt dress, had to have it, and the boots I was coveting turned out to be coincidentally a perfect match for the dress! Brown shaft with turqoise & orange stitching. And they were on SALE! I also got a cute pair of "BootyUp" Wrangler jeans. I always find the cutest clothes at Murdochs! Wish there was one in California!!!!!

I went back to the B&B to change for dinner. I went out by myself - again - to Chicago Pizza. I ordered Buffalo Tenders for an appetizer, but only ate 2 of them. For my entree I had the Chicago Beef Sandwich. I could barely finish half of it. I check out from here tomorrow after breakfast and am heading to Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT. Super excited!! I just want to relax and go to bed early. I have an 8:00 dinner reservation in the dining room there. I hope its delicious! :) Not that I'm looking forward to eating at a restaurant alone - again! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Off Topic: 2nd Annual LUXE Cowgirl Yoga Retreat!!

I barely slept at all last night due to the fact that I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn (3:45am) to get ready to leave at 4:15 for my 6AM flight to Bozeman, Montana!! I'm going back for a second round of Cowgirl Yoga!! However, I got a really great deal on a flight but the problem is that they only fly in/out of Oakland/Bozeman on Monday mornings. So, I'm here for 8 days!! The longest I've ever been away by myself.

I wasn't supposed to check in until 3, but I took a chance and called Fox Hollow B&B to see if maybe I could come early since I was super exhausted and needed to sleep. They said, sure, we are all ready for 10:00AM!! Bonus!! So much for having to keep busy all day until 3! :) I met the owners, Nancy & Mike, and they were very, very friendly. I settled in, went out to look for food (Taco Johns) and of course, went straight to Murdoch's for a little look around. Saw some cute stuff; maybe I'll go back tomorrow? After I ate (God, I was starving!!),  I went back to the B&B and took a nice, long, 2 hour nap!! I was dead to the world!!

Starving again, I went out to dinner by myself (Eek!!) at Johnny Carino's Italian place. It was pretty good. I had a nice salad and the Italian Pot Roast that the cute waiter recommended. :) Went to Target to grab a bottle of wine and a few toiletries that I forgot to bring, went back to the B&B, had a glass of wine with Nancy & Mike, went up to read for a bit and early to bed I went!

BTW, the bed in the Garden Room is soooooo comfy!!!! :)