Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dungeness Crab Louie Salad

So, I've been wanting to challenge myself on my blogging lately. I currently have two challenges. The first one is a 28 day challenge that is to improve my blog just a little bit each day in February. Little things such as rearranging buttons, getting new fonts, etc. I haven't exactly started yet. I'm not sure how it works as far as accountability is concerned, but its just a matter of me taking the time to read more about it.

My second challenge is that back in the fall, I offered to help a friend of a friend who is writing a cook book. (Am I jealous much? You bet!) Well, he didn't need my assistance back then, but he's asking for it now. I don't get paid or anything like that, but it will help me to push my culinary limits and use ingredients that I normally wouldn't use or explore cultures that I normally wouldn't even think to try. Well, I got my list of 6 recipes that I need to test and I'm already intimidated. Not necessarily by the ingredients or cultures, although its true that I'm not looking forward to working with Conch or Salmon, but I'm scared of the techie stuff thats included. I'm no food stylist. I don't have lots of props. I'm not even sure how to open a zip file! lol I'm trying not to get overwhelmed by the scary stuff. As long as I can create the recipes, I'll go from there. I think I see a few dinner parties in my future, as I only have about 4 weeks to complete this task and theres no way my husband and I can eat all of this food.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about the Crab Louie. Its Dungeness Crab season here in the Bay Area. We had a shortage of it over Thanksgiving and Christmas and I've only just now had a chance to buy some at our local grocery, Marinwood Market. I thought it would be healthy and hearty. And aside from picking the crab meat out, its really easy.

Crab Meat* (I think I had about a pound when I was finished picking my Medium sized crab)
Mixed Lettuces: butter, iceberg, Upland watercress, baby spinach
Persian Cucumbers & Red Radishes, sliced and quartered
Cherry Tomatoes, halved
Hard Boiled Egg, sliced
Avocado, sliced
Carrots, shredded
1000 Island dressing (I used store bought. This was a huge mistake. Next time I will make it homemade.

Wash and prepare all veggies. Toss the lettuce and put in one big bowl, or individual bowls. Put a handful of each veggie ingredient along the rim of the bowl(s). Place a generous portion of the crab in the middle, drizzle with the dressing, and enjoy! I forgot this, but a lemon wedge garnish would be lovely!

*You can get crab meat already picked from the shell from your fishmonger. Mine didn't have any, so he cracked and cleaned a whole crab for me, which made it easier. But next time I'd rather use the pre-picked meat.

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