Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A good day!

I had a very nice Valentines Day! Dinner was just "ok". We are out of propane, so I had to broil the pork chops and I just couldn't get a good color on them. The cake turned out really pretty; I put a heart made of raspberries on top. My husband brought me a bouquet of Sunflowers AND a bouquet of red roses! Love them! Also, a really cute card with an adorable Pug face, and a hot pink running top and black running capris with hot pink trim. Love them! He also got me a small heart shaped box of See's candies....which is weird because I told him in the very beginning not to get me chocolate for Valentines Day.....and he never has until this year. And this is what? Our 25th Valentines Day together? lol Maybe he wanted it for himself! I got him a HUGE pink See's heart, truffles, chocolate, chocolate, & more chocolate, so he doesn't need it.

Yesterday, I took my cats stitches out. He had his arm & shoulder blade amputated on Jan. 28th. He had cancer and we did not want to do chemo or radiation. He's doing ok. I'm sure my Vet will be mad at me for playing doctor, but oh well. I just hate putting him through the whole car ride in the crate thing. He's doing really well and starting to get around on 3 legs pretty well. :)

Today I have a ton of housework to do, then I will start the sauce for the lasagne tonight. My family is spoiled; they don't want Ragu, they have to have MY homemade sauce. I can't say I blame them. ;) I do make a good sauce. I'll post my recipe and picture one of these days for all my readers! lol I know I have a lot of work to do on my blog, but I figure the first order of business is to just write. I am behind on many recipes! I have the pics, but I need to upload them to my computer and write out the recipes.

Well, time to get productive!

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