Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Claim Jumper-Costa Mesa

I hadn't been to a Claim Jumper in oh, I'd say about 20 years. But, I was to meet some of my EP friends there and I was excited! I had already looked at the menu ahead of time and knew what I was going to get.

The service was good, but way too attentive. I felt bad for the girl, because she kept coming up to our table to see if we were ready to order, but we were too busy talking to look at the menu. Finally, one of my new friends said, Look, how about if you come take our order when our menus are all closed. Sounds pretty obvious to me. Anyway, once we ordered, it was all good. They arrived before me, so I don't know if they were seated promptly or not. It was 1:00 on a Friday afternoon and they didn't seem too packed.

I ordered the Seared Ahi. I need to stop ordering this for blog/review purposes! Its getting old, even to me, but I love the stuff. The Ahi was horrible. It was dry and overcooked, but not only that, it was really peppery. I could barely keep the first bite down, and felt obligated to try a second piece. Ugh. I should have sent it back, but I was nice and said I just wasn't in the mood afterall. Its too bad, too, because it was a very generous portion, as is all of their dishes.

For my lunch entree, I ordered the Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato salad. It was very good, a little too much balsamic vinaigrette, but otherwise pretty tasty. Of course, I expected it to be stacked like the picture on the menu, but it wasn't even close. I tried to add a link here, but it didn't work.

We got our check in a timely biggest pet peeve...and we were on our way! Next time I will order something a little more safe, like a hamburger or a sandwich. I'm not sure Claim Jumper is the place to expect quality fish.

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