Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cosi-Washington DC

After walking in the freezing snow for miles, and miles, and miles (ok, 1/4 of a mile) we found a place called cosi. After perusing the huge menu above the cashiers head, I decided on the bagel sandwich. However, since it was 10:59, I was informed that breakfast was no longer available, so I had to resort to lunch. This was a flat bread sandwich type place, and since I was friggin' starving, I went for the Turkey, Cheddar, & Tomato with honey mustard. It was ok. The honey mustard had an unexpected "bite" to it, which was a pleasant surprise. But, it was drippy. The service was more than confusing, the food was mediocre, but hey, they had wi-fi! Too bad I left my laptop at the hotel!

I didn't eat much on our trip, but I do plan to do a review of McCormicks & Schmicks because they absolutely rocked! Thanks, Tracy, for the gentle kick in getting me to post on this blog! RBR----if you are reading----add my EP account to your friends list, ok? I'm out of the closet now LOL Love you guys!
PS Tracy--how do you do the swirly dash before your name? I don't have that...

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  1. Swirly Dash? LOL

    Story behind that -- I stole it from a male co-worker (and when I wrote to him one day, he BUSTED me for doing it -- too funny). Then another guy friend pointed out that programmers and engineers use those kinds of symbols to signify other meanings. So he started putting "&" or "$" in front of his name when it signed it. LOL

    BTW, the Swirly is next to the 1 on your keyboard!.

    Great post. I LOVE reading about food. I read the food reviews every week in the Washington Post Magazine!

    ~ Tracy